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Carpathian Adventure 2011

Location: Apuseni Mountains

Period: 10-14  august 2011

Contact person: Kinga Vajda-program manager

tel: +40769224283

Carpathian Adventure 2011 results can be followed on the link below:

Carpathian Adventure 2010 tv report can be watched at:

A ship is safe in harbour, but that is not what ships are built for ….”


Carpathian Adventure is a classic, 3-day adventure race meant to bring        people together to be challenged in numerous outdoor disciplines and enjoy the natural beauty and wilderness of Romania.

We all love adventure and challenge!

We often ask ourselves: What are our own limits? What are we capable of? How could we manage in extreme conditions?

Carpathian Adventure, the race organised by Outward Bound Romania and Perpetuum Mobile is about these feelings.

Adventure racing is not so much a physical undertaking – although it certainly takes your lungs, legs and ligaments to their limits – as it is a mental, emotional and even spiritual battle.

It is about the team.

It is about pushing yourself beyond your comfort-zone. It is about eliminating selfishness in order to work for the benefit of the team. It is about doing things right and maintaining your strength together. Those who finish the race are masters of the following disciplines: backpacking, mountain biking, abseiling, caving, navigation, and river craft.

For information about previous races see the individual websites for each edition on the left side of this page. For information about the 11th annual Carpathian Adventure in 2011 see the next pages and subscribe to the monthly Carpathian Adventure Newletter!

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