1. Objectives of the competition

The competition will test the teams’ physical fitness and mental endurance, orienteering ability, team spirit and ecological spirit.

The participants will have the possibility to explore the beauties and environmental richness of the Carpathian Mountains.

2. Subscription Terms

Participants should be above 18 years of age, and must accept the rules of the competition. The organizers will reserve the right to exclude participants from the race if they do not respect the rules.

3. Teams Registration

Registration starts on May 15, 2010 and ends on July 31, 2010. Registration is only for complete teams and so we can not register individuals. To register, each team needs to perform the next three steps:

A. Mail or hand deliver the following documents to the address: Outward Bound Romania, 540015 Tirgu Mures, Str. Gh. Doja nr. 9/89,

  1. the registration form (you can download it from this page)
  2. the medical form (you can download it from this page)
  3. proof of registration payment (bank receipt)
  4. a copy of each member’s ID (copy of CI in case of Romanian residents, copy of passport in case of international participants, or copy of “legitimatie de sedere”, for foreigners working in )
  5. proof of medical insurance in the case of foreign participants. (Insurance for Romanian participants will be provided by Allianz-Tiriac Insurance Company.)

B. Send the following documents by email at

one portrait photograph of each member of the team in jpg format (for each photo there must be mentioned the name of the participant)
- the registration form and medical form (without the original signatures)

C. When registrating at the base camp, each competitor must provide

– an official medical certificate dated less than 1 month before the beginning of the competition, attesting his/her aptitude to practice the endurance sports included in the race. Without these medical certificates teams will not be registered.

Early bird enrollments till 15th of June, 2010: 15% discount from the fee!


Fees: 100 Euro/person

Special fees:

70 Euro/person for new EU-member countries ( Romania and Bulgaria)

50 Euro/person for those national participants who attended already three times the competition

80 Euro/person for those international participants who attended already three times the competition

500 Euro/team for companies which will sponsor teams requesting invoice for this fee and/or who would like publicity for themselves

Fee Payment
may be done through the bank, or through mandat postal (only in Romania) or with cash at the Outward Bound Romania office.

Bank name: Banca Comercială Română
Sucursala Central, Tîrgu Mures
Bank address: Piata Trandafirilor 26
Account holder: OUTWARD BOUND

Iban Code:
RO49_RNCB_0193_0159_6823_0001 RON
RO65_RNCB_0193_0159_6823_0004 EUR

Purpose of transaction: Contributie Carpathian Adventure 2010

4. Team Composition

Each team must be of mixed gender and will have four members. Team members are expected to be together and help each other all along the race.
Each team will name a team captain who will provide communication between the team and the organizers.

The team captain has the following responsibilities:

  • receives any documents, equipment or any other material provided for his team by the race organizers. This includes the route map, race card and individual team member cards
  • takes part in the technical meeting in the evening before the race starts
  • makes sure that the team members respect the rules and regulations
  • reports to the judges / organizers if the team has any problems or they notice any cheatings or irregularities regarding other teams
  • writes, if necessary, any contestation regarding the competition.
  • speaks in the name of the team members in discussions with the organizers, represents the team in case of disagreements or arguments.

The teams can have helpmates, who assist them in preparations for the race in the base-camp, but beside this they are not allowed to help competitors or to substitute team members. If they do not respect this rule, the team will be excluded from the race. Exceptions can be made if they help the organizers in rescue-situations.

During the competition, no changes regarding the team members are allowed. If this rule is not respected, the team will be excluded from the race.

For serious reasons, members of the team might be changed before the deadline for the registration.

Changes regarding the team members occurring after the deadline for registration will be charged 5 Euro/modification.

5. Race Timing

The competition is a non-stop race where the winner will be the team that has the shortest elapsed race time from start to finish. At different checkpoints team times will be checked only for progress. One important thing to remember is that at each checkpoint all the team members must arrive together.

The start is on Wednesday, August 11, 2010, at 13:30, for the advanced category and at 13:40 for the amateur category. The teams will decide how they want to use their time to complete the race.

The arrival deadline is on Saturday, August 14, 2010, at 19:30 for the advanced category and 19:40 for the amateur category. Those arriving after this deadline will be automatically disqualified.

If any of the time limits are not respected, the respective team will be disqualified.

If a team decides to continue the race, after it has been disqualified, the organizers will not take any responsibility for them.

6. Mandatory Equipment

The mandatory and forbidden equipment will be checked at the start and at the checkpoints.

Mandatory equipment for mountaineering

- 1 sleeping bag or NRC survival blanket / competitor
- 1 tent / team or 1 tarp / competitor
- 1 raincoat or poncho / competitor
- 1 backpack / competitor
- 1 headlamp /competitor
- 1 compass / team
- 1first aid kit / team
- 1 cell phone / team
- 1 whistle / team

recommended: 1 pair of proper hiking shoes/ competitor

Mandatory equipment for mountain biking

- 1 mountain bike / competitor
- 1 bike-helmet / competitor
- 1 windproof or waterproof coat / competitor
- 1 front light (white front lights can be bike or head mounted)
- 1 red rear light / mountainbike
- light-reflecting equipment recommended by the rules of the road
- 1 first aid kit / team
- 1 cell phone / team
- 1 whistle / team

Note: change of bikes is forbidden!


- all equipment will be provided by the organizers

7. Race Rules

a) Information regarding the race will be given to the team leaders exclusively at the technical meeting

b) The mandatory equipment of the teams will be checked before the start by the organizers;

c) If any part of the mandatory equipment is missing, the team can be excluded from the race. The judges can check the equipment during the competition as well.

d) It is forbidden to hold up other teams at the start or at any other part of the race. For such events the culpable teams will be disqualified.

e) Teams are not allowed to avoid or to get round the obligatory route, or to use shortcuts.

f) All four team members must reach every checkpoint. The time of the team will be measured only when the last member has reached the checkpoint.

g) The same rules will be applied to the checkpoints without any judges.

h) The distance between the first and the last member of the team should be no more than 1 minute. If the distance is between 1 to 10 minutes the team will get 30 minutes time penalty. If the distance is more than 10 minutes, the team will be disqualified.

i) If one or more members of a team cannot continue the race for any reason, the entire team will be disqualified from the race. On the race card there is a phone number where teams can announce the withdrawal of their team and/or ask for assistance. Once a team withdraws, they must return their race card to the judges located in the base camp.

j) Each team will receive the map with the section routes and the checkpoints as well as a race card, which must be stamped at the checkpoints. They must keep these items with them during the entire competition. If a team loses the race card, it will be disqualified.

k) Each participant will have a personal identification card, which he or she must wear during the entire competition. If a member loses the identification card, he or she must be able to identify himself or herself with a different identification card containing his or her photograph. If a team member cannot identify himself or herself, the team will be disqualified.

l) The identification cards will be checked and the race cards will be stamped at each checkpoint. If any of these checkpoint stamps is missing, the team will be disqualified from the race.

m) Race participants must be aware of and protect the environment during the entire competition. All garbage has to be carried back to the base camp. Campfires are forbidden. The time penalty for littering will be one hour, for campfire two hours.

n) Each team must know how to use and wear all the equipment referred to on the equipment list.

o) The use of alcohol and/or non-prescription drugs is forbidden during the entire competition. Their usage will lead to the disqualification of the team.

p) The use of GPS (Global Positioning System) devices is forbidden. Their usage will lead to the disqualification of the team.

q) If a team does not respect the time limits, it will be disqualified.

8. Panel of Judges

There will be a panel of judges who will supervise the race development and assure that teams follow the rules. They will be present at the checkpoints, stamp the race cards and supervise the observance of the rules.

The organizers assume any legal or moral responsibility for the race.

9. Contestations and Penalties

In case if the above rules are not followed, the team not respecting them will either be penalized or completely disqualified from the race.

Penalties will be decided by the panel of judges, based on the lodged written complaints and the observations made by the judges at the checkpoints. Any penalties will be announced within three hours after the team finishes the race.

Any contestations regarding the competition must be written and given to the panel of judges during the competition or within one hour after finishing the race. After this time the organizers will not receive any contestations. The panel of judges will review the contestations and will make a final decision within three hours after receiving them.

The teams and the organizers will try to discuss and solve the possible problems. If they cannot reach an agreement, they will turn to the Court of Law from Tirgu Mures.

For the different issues that have not been discussed in the Rules and Regulations of the competition the regulations from the Civil Code will be applied.

The organizers do not assume responsibility for any kind of damage or injury that happens as a result of foul behavior.

10. Sponsors

The teams can bring sponsors for the competition. In this case a written contract will be made about the placement of the advertisements / banners.

The competition can be advertised only with the approval of the organizers.

The organizers reserve all rights regarding the broadcasting of the competition.

11. Final Regulations

Only the organizers can modify the rules and regulations. This can be done no later than one week before the competition.

The organizers establish the time limits according to the routes for each competition. These time limits, which will be presented to the team captains at the technical meeting, must be respected according to the rules.

The race books given to the teams during the technical meeting before the start complete the competition rules and are part of them.

The organizers will announce the time and place of the competition, the location of the base camp and the program one month before the competition.

The organizers have the right to change the race route for justified reasons (e.g. bad weather).

The route remains a top secret until the technical meeting, where the team captains will receive the maps and the route will be explained to them.

The organizers will have to impart the rules and regulations to the participants. These can be found on the homepage of the race:

The team members will accept the rules and regulations by signing up to the race.

Not being familiar with the rules and regulations does not discharge participants from liability in case they don’t respect them.

The organizers